Awiti denies striking a deal with Joho’s camp

Nyali MP Hezron Awiti and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho at the event that sparked the suspicions on Saturday PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Nyali Member of Parliament Hezron Awiti has termed as fabrication words doing round that he has dropped his Mombasa gubernatorial race for incumbent Ali Hassan Joho.

In a press conference on Tuesday, his Vibrant Democratic Party VDP Secretary General Millicent Adhiambo refuted the claims reiterating that VDP is not affiliated to any political coalition.

Mrs. Odhiambo instead blamed their rivals for trying to tarnish the name of the MP for their political gain ahead of the August general elections.

”As a party we wish to make it clear that we are independent in the execution of our mandate to the people of Mombasa as well as Kenya,”

”The party is not affiliated to any coalition but is willing to work for and with the people and in partnership with like-minded stakeholders for the benefit of the great people of Kenya,” she said.

This comes after rumors emerged that Awiti, who has been Governor Joho’s criticizer in most of his campaigns joined forces with former and has strike a deal which will see him become Joho’s running mate in the forthcoming polls.

This is after the two leaders earlier this month shared a podium during the unveiling of the iconic Mamba statue at the gates of the Mamba village Centre, an area the MP is reported to be having an interest in.

While admitting that the MP and the Governor both attended the event, Vibrant Democratic Party VDP Secretary General Millicent Odhiambo downplayed possibility of the two forming a coalition insisting Awiti is in the race to unseat the incumbent.

”Our party leader VDP Hon. Hezron Awiti shared the same platform with the Governor as a matter of courtesy and protocol, any political misinterpretations as are being hawked by certain panicked quarters should be dismissed treated by the contempt they deserved,”

”The notion created that Hon. Awiti will collaborate with the current Governor to the extent of deputizing him in the August elections is mere gibberish and wishful thinking,” Odhiambo asserted.

Governor Joho is yet to respond to the claims, whether such agreements were reached between him and the Nyali MP. Hezron Awiti a head of the much awaited August polls.