Lamu elders demand their share of monthly stipend

A section of elders in Lamu PHOTO FILE


Lamu,KENYA:Elders from the Boni minority community in Lamu want the government to help them access the monthly stipend allocated by the government to elderly persons.

The elders say it’s unfair that they haven’t received a penny since the programme started while the rest of their counterparts across the country continue to enjoy the same.

They accused the government of marginalization and deliberately leaving them out of the program when elders from other parts of the country  have already benefited.

Speaking in Pandanguo in Lamu East where they had assembled,they said many elders from the Boni community were living in poverty since they are no longer able to go out and fend for themselves and their families due to their advanced ages.

They said it was unfair that many have been dying without having access to the money despite it having been set aside for all elders in the country.

“We just get to hear that elders from other parts of the country get financial support from the government yet we are here and no one seems to care that we are also elders in the same republic.Why must there be double standards in everything where we the Boni people are concerned?Why must we be left out of everything?Are we not deserving enough?,”posed Musa Guyo an elder from Boni.

Commenting on the same,Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri who graced the meeting assured the elders that they would receive the monies soon.

He asked all elders to register at the relevant offices and that the money will be released once the number of elders is ascertained.

Kanyiri said apart from that,the government had also partnered with the Kenya Red Cross to have each family affected by drought together and elders receive Sh.4,800 monthly apart from the food aid.

“Apart from the stipend for the elderly,we are also coming in with the Red Cross to give money,Sh.4,800 to families affected by drought.Elders will also receive a similar amount.The most important thing is for them to register,”said Kanyiri.