Civil society cracks whip to prevent corrupt aspirants from vying for elective seats


Nairobi, KENYA: A section of the civil society in Kenya is planning to bar aspirants from contesting in their respective seats if found in contravention of Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

The National Integrity Alliance has noted with concern that some leaders are in the echelons of power yet they have a stain on their reputation, that stems from issues of impunity and corruption.

“This goes against Chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution which stipulates that people in positions of power must uphold utmost integrity while dispensing their duties to the public, ”remarked Irungu Houghton, Associate Director, Society for International Development SID.

Mr. Houghton declared that they have a duty to “decampaign” aspirants being dogged by corruption allegations to prevent them from being elected into public office.

“Regrettably many of those named, investigated, facing prosecution or already convicted have declared their interest to run for public office in the upcoming August 8th polls. Unless direct action is taken by citizens and frontline institutions to interrupt this trend, the 2017 elections are about to transform the seeds of corruption into trunks of impunity,” he fumed.

Executive Director, Mzalendo Trust, Jessica Musila has said that power belongs to the people to choose leaders of integrity.

“That window where power truly belongs to the people is now. And if we do not empower Kenyans to take action our leadership system is doomed,” she noted with concern.

Political parties have also been warned against making the institutions about being a one man show adding that this would lead to wrong people winning the upcoming primaries and ultimately clinching the seats they were contesting.

“Reality is that we know the money bags tend to be the ones calling the shots and decide who gets nominated. If you are affiliated to any party make sure that ethical leaders who will make a difference in the quality of life gets nominated,” Ms. Musila said.

Mr. Irungu proceeded that they were ready to take legal actions in case corrupt leaders entered into power fraudulently.

“Political parties and vetting institutions must be vigilant as they prepare for the primaries. To fail to be vigilant at this point would mean occurrence of a large number of by elections being called within the first
six months after the elections. It is too costly for the country and unnecessary to subject the country to the broader price to be paid for the corruption and impunity in our structures,” Mr. Irungu concluded.