Joho should be ashamed of his D- as a Governor, says Senator Omar

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar addressing the press at his offices in Mombasa. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa senator Hassan Omar has blamed the jubilee government for diverting conversations of the county and its politics from real hardcore development to emotive ones.

Speaking during a press briefing in his Mombasa office on Thursday, Omar condemned Joho for taking pride in the D- results  he got in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. .

“You cannot be a Governor with a D- in Kenya, you have to do well. Serve by example! If education & excellence was not important, why do parents run around?” posed Omar.

On matters relating to Joho’s certificate saga, Omar said the NASA government will not put up with individuals who will break the constitution and will make sure they face the consequences.

“All alleged travesties by governor Joho and more particularly the forgery of his KCSE certificate to illegally gain entry into the university, will be punished in the early days of NASA’s administration, but for now let governor Joho be on the ballot ,”he said.

Omar also claimed the rift between President Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor is business related and not politics.

“I know where the rift between Kenyatta and Joho began.It was not a political fallout but a  business one, from the Freeport to NYS to other issues that were not honored then you reorient a personal fallout to political conversation,” he said.

As the secretary general for the Wiper Democratic Party, Omar said coast region counties party primaries will be held on 18th April 2017.

He emphasized that the party will not tolerate violence and electrical malpractices during nomination process.

He further termed the favoritism allegations made by Nyali MP Hezron  Awiti regarding the Mombasa Wiper Governor ticket as false.

“Had Awiti come for the nomination with me, I would have beaten him  roundly and square. The fact that Awiti can even imagine to be governor of Mombasa demonstrates the mediocrity of Joho’s regime.” Said Omar.