Three men jailed for life over defilement of 10-yr-old girl


Mombasa, KENYA: Three men have been sentenced to life imprisonment after court found them guilty of defiling a 10-year-old girl and infecting her with HIV in Mombasa.

While delivering the ruling on Tuesday, Mombasa senior resident magistrate Mr.Edigah Kagoni said the girl required protection from the society; four of the accused persons included.

“When I look at the four of you I see energetic men who seem to have not gone through a lot, am convinced the society does not need you anymore and I find compelling reason to sentence you, life behind the bars,” ruled Mr.Kagoni.

Prosecution proved defilement charges against Isaac Musambi, Mutingo Kimeu and Onesmus Mbuvi

Komu Muthini the fourth accused, was found guilty of attempted defilement.

They separately committed the offence on diverse dates between January 2015 and April 2016 at Moroto slums in Mombasa County.

Mr. Kagoni said the 10 year-girl was unable to give the exact dates she was defiled but ruled that her testimony was factual since she knew all the accused men.

Court heard that all the four men used different ways to convince the girl;including buying her sweets and exposing her to pornographic movies.

Three of the accused Musambi, Kimeu and Mbuvi were sentenced life imprisonment for defilement, while Muthini will serve 20 years in jail for attempted defilement.

The evidence from the doctor showed the girl was defiled on several occasions.

Court was also told that the behaviors of the complainant were discovered by her teacher.

The teacher who also testified in court, said that the girl seemed to be suffering from physical and mentally difficulties.

She further said blood was discovered from her inner cloths and when she went to the washroom; she always took longer time than usual.

The girl told court that she was repeatedly defiled and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Mr.Kagoni also said the mother of the girl had neglected her causing her suffering at a tender age.

Baraka FM learnt that her mother sales local alcohol in Moroto slums, Tudor.