Kenyans do not know their leader roles , shows new report

Governors in Kenya at a past function. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: A newly released survey by Transparency International has revealed that out of every 10 Kenyans, 2 do not know the role of their governors.

Of the respondents interviewed, 22 per cent did not know the role of the Member of County Assembly MCA while 21 per cent did not understand functions of a Member of Parliament, MP.

Findings of the survey also stated that 38 per cent of Kenyans did not fully comprehend the functions of a Women Representative while half of the population did not understand the Senators’ role.

Kenyans rated Women Representatives and Senators poorly in terms of performance while Governors, MPs and MCAs were given an average rating.

According to the research a majority of the Kenyans would vote against the incumbent Senators and Women Representatives.

72 per cent were unlikely to re-elect Women Representatives, followed closely by 68 per cent who would not re-elect the Senators, while the MCAs hit the 55 per cent mark.

Meanwhile, 49 per cent felt they were unlikely to re-elect their incumbent governor and 45 per cent preferred to unseat their MP through a vote come the August 8th polls.

Questionnaire based interviews were administered to 7,632 respondents drawn from the 47 counties.

Additional interviews were also administered to 45 county executiveofficials from 36 county governments, and 233 officials (MCAs, speakers and clerks) from 46 county assemblies.

The interviews were conducted between 22nd June and 2nd September 2016.