Gang terrorizes residents for almost 2hrs leaving people with serious injuries


Mombasa, KENYA: Two people are nursing serious injuries, including deep cuts on their bodies after they were attacked by a criminal gang in Likoni Sunday night.

The victims who are in their 20s were taken to a local hospital after being attacked by a gang of more than 50, who had invaded the area.

No arrests have been made so far and police have launched a manhunt against the suspects.

The victims have been identified as Mohammed Adam,22 and Leonard Ngoa,25,both sustained deep cuts on their heads and hands after they were slashed by the gang using machetes and knives in the 9pm incident.

A report from police seen by Baraka FM shows that the suspects calling themselves team Chege from Timbwani area, had won an organized football match at Panama grounds, where they played against Dagos from Kipundani.

“They burst into celebrations and winning songs along Barabatra Mchanga but some took advantage of the situation to injure and rob those they could find along the way,” reads the police report.

The suspects are said to be part of the criminal gang of wajuku wa bibi patrolling the area of Likoni and  are suspected to be youths under influence of drugs,a police source added.

Police said the area around Shika adabu was a  no-go zone for almost two hours after the suspects took over, fishing people from their houses, slashing and robbing them.

A team of police officers from Likoni and Inuka police station were mobilized to pursue the suspects and restore calm in the area.

The suspects robbed the victims three mobile phones,identity cards and sh 600 cash,according to police.

Likoni police boss Willy Simba could not be reached to confirm the incident by the time of going to press.

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