Youth radicalization in the coast decreasing, says community based organisation


Mombasa, KENYA: Community based organization dealing on peace and security programs at the Coast-KECOSCE, has noted that there is a drop in the number of youths recruited to join militant group al shabab.

Chief Executive Officer of the organization Phillis Muema, said they have carried various sensitization programs regarding radicalization issues among youths and majority of them have come to realize there is no war on Jihad in Somalia but a political war.

Mr Muema added most youths at the Coast have been easily misled by fake religious leaders who miss interpret holy books.

She said for the past six months coast residents have not experienced any terror related incident.

She however cautioned security officials in the area to be more vigilant, insisting politicians may take advantage of youth groups to cause chaos.

“We have done our research, in all six sub counties of Mombasa there are more than 50 youths groups, these youth groups have been involved in criminal activities, we are afraid politicians may use these groups”, She said.

The organization has been sensitizing youths in all six counties at the Coast in collaboration with the security department.