Stop intimidating Coast leaders! Muslim clerics to Uhuru

Sheikh Juma Ngao (centre) addressing the press.The council has called for the return of the 237 passengers who arrived in the country from China over corona virus fears PHOTO:File

Mombasa, KENYA: The Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (Kemnac) wants the Government to stop intimidating Coast leaders irrespective of their political affiliations.

Lead by Chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao, Kemnac leaders on Thursday claimed the Government is using its agencies to frustrate leaders who oppose its agendas.

The leaders alleged that the Government is behind Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s current predicaments for his stern stand on the Jubilee regime.

Mr. Ngao claimed Joho is being targeted not for his academic qualifications, but because of his questioning of Jubilee’s modus operandi when it comes to development projects in the Coast region.

“Why intimidate a leader who fights for the rights of his people? Joho is our leader, we as the Coast people, we will not remain silent and watch the Government frustrate him for pushing for things that benefit us,” he said.

Mr. Ngao said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech during his Coast tour where he was quoted saying, ”I will teach Joho a lesSon, let him stop following me all the time, I’m not his wife,” as the root of Joho’s trouble.

“The President is supposed to unite the country, contrary Mr. Kenyatta came here and blocked people from attending his function, you wonder where this country is headed,” Said Ngao.

“It all started by shutting down Governor’s Joho family business, then came the drug issues, as if that was not enough they frozen his accounts, now the issues of academic qualifications.We will not be surprised if they next claim he never attended baby class lessons,” joked Ngao.

Mr. Ngao warned that if Joho’s situation is not addressed carefully, he  might end up just like other Coastal prominent leaders among them Ronald Ngala whose deaths were reportedly mysterious.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has been in the limelight, latest being on Wednesday where he was grilled by detectives over KCSE certificate forgery allegations.

The Government through spokesman Eric Kiraithe, has however denied claims that it’s using its agencies to intimidate Governor Joho.

Kiraithe maintained the Government is all out to clean the Educations system which has for many years been marred with fraudsters.