Yet another River dries up in Lamu due to drought


Lamu, KENYA: At least 4000 residents of Kiunga and Basuba wards in Lamu East are facing yet another challenge following the drying up of river Mangai.

The fresh water river dried up this month due to the ravaging drought leaving the residents and thousands of wildlife staring at death and starvation.

Hundreds of wildlife including over 100 buffaloes and hippos that lived in the river have since died in their numbers as a result.

This is the first time in history for the river classified as a permanent one to dry up completely in what is considered the worst effects of a vicious drought spell that has never before been experienced in the region.

The drying up of the river this weeks is also a blow to the county government which has been relying on the river to supply water to villagers faced by drought using water boozers since the drought began.

“This river has never dried up.This is the first time we see this.That means the drought is at its worst.We used to get water from the river and distribute it to residents but since its dried up we have been forced to get water from Hindi town which is kilometers away and supply it to villagers.That has also proved to be quite expensive,” said Salim Bunu, the chief officer of staff in the office of the governor.