E-based service MYDAWA set to reduce cost of medicine

Dr. Fred Siyoi, Sr. Deputy Chief at PPB emphasizing on the need to embrace mobile technology for healthcare solutions during the MYDAWA Media Workshop. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Medical costs are bound to reduce probably after the launch of technology e-based service MYDAWA; which is scheduled to happen next week.

According to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board MYDAWA sets to deal with fewer middlemen who are actually being blamed for increasing prices in the supply chain.

“This is disruptive technology. A prescription is sent from the doctor to the pharmacist. The patient then goes to the said chemist to pick his medicine. You will buy the medicine at manufacturer’s price plus pay the pharmacist a small consultation fee,” Fred Sioi, Deputy Registrar, Pharmacy and Poisons Board told Baraka FM during the pre-launch on Wednesday.

Mr. Sioi added that this would be cheaper in the long run because of the elimination of middlemen during distribution.

“Middlemen have a tendency of adding prices during distribution of goods.The more they are in the supply chain the higher the prices get and the impact is finally felt by the ultimate consumer,” he remarked.

“I believe in a world where digital technology is an enabler of a better life. Globally, Kenya is seen as a leader in innovation and we aim to harness it in delivering high quality healthcare products, safely, conveniently and affordably. We chose Kenya for this because the environment here is right. Kenyans are not afraid to tackle problems and adopt solutions that fit their needs. Look at the example of the M-Pesa, a world leading innovation with ever growing relevance 10 years after inception,” remarked MYDAWA Neil O’Leary Founder during the pre-launch.

Tony Wood, Managing Director, MYDAWA, said that this technology features a unique track and trace mechanism that consumers can use to verify authenticity of products from source, while offering convenience and privacy to the consumer.

“It also offers value for money as it does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs,” Mr. Wood concluded.