Lamu Women Rep calls for formation of a Coast political party


Lamu, KENYA: Lamu women rep Shakilla Abdalla has urged coastal leaders to form their own political movement on which they will be able to present their own presidential candidate come 2022.

Shakilla who was elected to office on a Wiper party ticket, said the time had come for the people at the coast to stop supporting political parties and alliances that only serve to benefit leaders from other parts of the country.

Speaking in Lamu on Sunday,Shakilla said the major hindrance to there being a presidential aspirant from the coast year in year out is because of the lack of unity among locals and leaders.

Shakilla urged coast leaders to set aside their differences and form a single political party which shall in turn be used as a vehicle to ascend a coastal presidential candidate to power in future.

” I am calling upon coast leaders led by Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to rally coastal leaders and locals into forming a political outfit which we can use to send one of our own to the presidency in 2022.if we do this early enough,it will work perfectly well,” Said Shakilla.

She said the people of the coast have wasted enough time being part of political alliances that don’t have their interests to heart.