We have evidence showing Joho received sh.43.79B county fund, claim Jubilee

Jubilee leaders in Mombasa at a past press briefing. FILE/PHOTO.

Mombasa, KENYA: Jubilee leaders in Mombasa have insisted that the county government of Mombasa should elucidate more on the sh.43.79 billion county funds it allegedly received from the national government.

Addressing the press in Mombasa on Friday,  Annania Mwaboza, who is the running mate of Suleiman Shabhal for the gubernatorial seat in the county,said they have confirmed  the figures from the parliamentary accounts committee.

“We have the parliamentary account reports and the audit reports from the financial year 2013 to 2016,”Mwaboza said.

According to Mwaboza, in the financial year 2013-2014 the county government of Mombasa received sh.4.2 billion from the national government and their local revenue estimates was sh.5.1 billion. From donors, they received sh.2.4 billion; totaling to sh.11.7 billion.

In the subsequent year 2014-2015, he added that they received sh.4.74 billion shillings from national government,their local revenue collection was sh.5.12 billion and from donors they received sh.3.92 billion; in total sh.13.78 billion.

In the 2015-2016 financial year from the national equitable share, Mwaboza added that they got sh.5.16 billion, sh.5.18 billion on local revenue collection with no donor funding for that year, but their was a conditional grant from the treasury which brings the amount to sh.10.91 billion.

For the year 2016-2017, he said the allocation for national equitable share was sh.5.7 billion but Mombasa received sh.3.4 billion. The local revenue collection as projected in the budgeting of this year is sh.4 billion and their being no donor funding.

The total amount for the whole financial years comes to sh.43.79 billion.

“It is evidently clear that the county government of Mombasa has not disclosed the donor funding budget since 2013 to date,” said Mwaboza.

He also asked the Mombasa county government to  explain the whereabouts of the funds from the government of Saudi Arabia, which he said was issued to rehabilitate the Coast General Hospital.

Last week, president Uhuru Kenyatta re-launched ferry services at the Mtongwe channel crossing which was not operational since 1994, when more than 270 people died after a ferry capsized.

Mwaboza blames the Mombasa county government for not using the sh.100 million it set aside for the Mtongwe ferry, as he said the process of re-opening was carried out by the national government.

He also mentioned funds for projects which were not fulfilled by the county government Mombasa.

“Some of the funds are sh.500 million it receives annual as grant from the ministry of heath and that of sh.900,000 as source of local revenue it collects from Kongowea market every year.” added Mwaboza.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho had earlier denied the claims made by President Uhuru that he received the over sh.40 billion, saying his county only got sh.17 billion for the last four years.

The rising commotion between the leaders keeps on taking a new move in this electioneering period, as everyone is looking to capture the interests of citizens.