President Uhuru outlines his score card

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the State of The Nation Address in parliament on 15th March 2017. PHOTO/FILE

Nairobi, KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta has used his last State of the Nation address before the expiry of his first term in office, to outline achievements of the Jubilee government.

The president focused his address on the achievements of his administration for the last four years.

The president on Wednesday said the Jubilee government has performed in many areas, from transport, education, health, security, regional stability, devolution, economy, education, health among others.etc.

The Head of State highlighted completion of Standard Gauge Railway, connection of electricity, advancement in the fight against terrorism, road building; as some areas the government has maintained the momentum.

On  connecting electricity in the country, Uhuru said more than 3.7 million homes are now connected, almost doubling the number since independence.

Over 14,000 primary schools have been connected to the national grid representing 98 per cent.

The president said that over 1950 kilometers of new roads since 2013 have now been built, while more kilometers are still under construction.

“In June, we will launch the first phase of SGR, so I invite members of Parliament to join me as we take the first train ride to Nairobi from Mombasa on the new Standard Gauge Railway line,” he said.

On matters of insecurity, the President noted that insecurity was still a major threat to the country but his government is doing all it can to contain the situation.

He said since he took power the police ratio to citizen has improved beyond the United Nation’s (UN) recommended 1:400, and now in Kenya the ratio is currently is at 1:380.

He commended Kenya Defence Forces work in Somalia as they fight Al Shabaab and said Somalia now has managed to witness peaceful elections.

“The soldiers have degraded Al Shabaab’s capacity and we will remain there because if we fight them there we don’t have to fight them in our land,” he added.

On devolution, Mr. Kenyatta said the country has made major strides, mentioning the decentralization of power and resources as historic.

He said his administration had gone beyond the constitutional requirement by increasing county allocation from 15 to 34 percent.

“Our support for devolution is undoubted, as we have supported county governments through conditional grants in areas such as health and water,” said Kenyatta.

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The President also applauded National Assembly and the Senate, for helping implement the Constitution.