60-year-old killed by buffalo in Lamu


Lamu, KENYA: A 60 year old man was on Saturday evening attacked and killed by a buffalo as he looked after his livestock in Witu, Lamu county.

The late Bodole Arale,a herder from Moa village met his death when he crossed paths with a thirsty buffalo that was in search of water in the area.

He suffered broken limbs and ribs and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Witu hospital after having lost too much blood.

Lamu KWS commander Jacob Orale confirmed the incident and urged residents to desist from going near forests and bushes during this drought period in order to avoid encounters with wildlife.

“Its true,there is a man who was gored to death by a buffalo in Witu on Saturday.I personally went there when the incident happened. We are doing all we can to ensure wildlife are contained within their habitats and don’t go roaming all over but in the meantime we urge people to be alert and avoid going close to forests and bushes,” said Orale.

Similarly, yet another herder, 21 year old Ware Said from Dide Waride in Witu is nursing serious injuries at the Witu hospital in Lamu after he was attacked by a buffalo as he herded his livestock on Saturday.

Incidents of wildlife roaming all over in search of water and food in Lamu have shot up dangerously due to the biting drought situation.

At least 30 people have been killed by roaming wild animals and hundreds injured between November last year and March this year.

Residents want the KWS to put more effort in containing the wild animals which have bcome an evident threat especially with the ongoing drought.