Bongo songstress Vanessa Mdee in police custody

Tanzanian popstar Vanessa Mdee ./FILE

Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee is currently being held by police in the Tanzanian capital Dares salaam for interrogation on drug related case.

According to Tanzanian online  publication Bongo 5, her lawyer Aman Tenga said that  Mdee went to the police for questioning just as she had earlier been requested to do so by Tanzanian authorities.

Last month Mdee and several other Tanzanian celebrities were asked to report to the Central police station for questioning after the Regional police boss in Dares Salaam Paul Makonda said they were linked to narcotic abuse and trafficking.

However Mdee was in South Africa for the filming of the MTV Shuga  series when she was mentioned in the case.

Tenga says that police conducted a search in her house before taking her back to the station for questioning.

Tanzanian media reports allege that Mdee might be caught up in the mix because her current boyfriend singer Juma Jux has severally been linked to narcotic trafficking and Jux could have been introduced to the business by her ex girlfriend Jackie cliff; who is currently serving a jail term in Hong Kong after being caught in possession of narcotics.

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Other Tanzanian celebrities who were questioned over links to narcotics include actress Wema Sepetu, singer Diamond Platinumz and video queen Agnes Masogange.

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