Mombasa residents call for the end of doctor’s strike


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa residents have urged the central government to put measures to solve the  doctors strike that has paralyzed most of the health services in public hospitals

Speaking to Barakaa FM on Friday, most of them have said the strike is largely affecting them and  citizens countrywide leading to deaths and suffering among the people.

“Let the government recognize the interests and requirements of its citizens and ensure it solve the issue immediately.People are dying while the government seems to show nothing in resolving the strike,” said John Okumu, a carpenter.

Moses Katana , a tuk tuk driver, said that in the past three weeks he witnessed the impact of the strike when his friend died after not being attended to by doctors at Coast General Hospital.

“Recently our beloved neighbour who had taken poison died, another patient was taken to Coast General Hospital for failing to afford the hospital bill at Pandya hospital,” lamented Moses.

This emerges after the Court of appeal judge Martha Koome on Thursday granted the Inter-religious Council of Kenya the request to be given two days to negotiate in an attempt to end the strike.

The Court of Appeal had earlier directed the KMPDU officials, the Council of Governors, LSK and KNHCR to have talks to restore normalcy in the public health sector.


The court said the case will be mentioned on Tuesday next week.

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