Aspirant accuses Women Rep of trying to bribe him with sh. 48M to drop bid

Likoni MP Mishi Mboko. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Likoni parliamentary aspirant Hamisi Domoko has accused Mombasa women rep Mishi Mboko for trying to bribe him to drop his bid in contesting for the seat.

Speaking in Likoni on Thursday after a security meeting held by security officials with the bodaboda riders, Domoko  claims that Mishi Mboko and her aides ferried the money in sacks trying to lure him.

Domoko who is also ODM chairman in the sub-county, said the money was stolen from the needy residents and he was not ready to receive the alleged dirty money.

He claimed that  the Women Rep brought the money to him in two occasions, the first time was sh.16 million and after one week she came with  sh.48 million.

“It’s true they come with this huge money to my home at around 8pm. It was sh 16 milion in the first batch and 48 million the second time, I sent them back telling them this money belongs to Likoni residents,”said Domoko.

He asked the Woman rep to get ready for the race saying he would not relent his ambition to vie for the Likoni seat.

He added that he was not in cheap business but his ambition was to bring change and fought for better lives to residents.

When contacted by Baraka FM, the Mombasa Women Representative Mishi Mboko dismissed the claims terming them as mere propaganda.

“Who and when? I am not scared of any aspirant,how can I fear just an aspirant ,huyo kama ameshindwa na siasa ambia yeye atafute kazi nyengine (If he is not able to do politics tell him to look for another job) .” Said Mishi Mbioko