Tanzanian artistes condemn govt for poor handling of drugs cases affecting musicians

Ben pol and Christian Bella.

Tanzanian artistes have raised complains over how their government is handling musicians who have been accused of engaging in the drugs business.

Speaking to Baraka FM during the pozi254 show hosted by Ann Mbeyu and Captain Lui on Saturday, Benpol and Christian Bella of Tanzania said there is a lot which is happening in the music industry that has not pleased them.

“Artists are human beings and are  also citizens, everyone in life has the good and bad part of him or herself and before announcing or putting somebody’s name in public without any clear evidence, it’s not fair because if the person turns out to be innocent it will be very hard for him or her to re-build his or her name.”Benpol said.

The Two Tanzanian artistes who came to Mombasa for the first time, condemned the Tanzanian Government for not being serious about the drug dealing cases which have damaged most of the Tanzanian musicians image.

“The government of Tanzania needs to follow up on such issues and make sure all legal formalities of justice are followed before putting anybody’s name in public because building a name is hard after being tarnished.” Said Christian Bella.

Benpol and Christian Bella are major artistes from Tanzania who were in Mombasa over the weekend for a performance at Talentos beach resort in Likoni.

According to social media and other Tanzania media outlets, major Tanzanian celebrities like Wema Sepetu,Diamond Platinumz,T.I.D and other public figures have been linked with drugs; with some having turned out to be innocent.

The two artistes are known for their hit songs “Moyo machine by Benpol and Olla by Christian Bella”,.