Boda boda riders stage protests over police harassment in Likoni

Fire that was put up by Boda Boda operators blocking motorists from using the Likoni- Ukunda road. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Boda boda riders on Monday engaged GSU officers in a running battle in Likoni, Mombasa forcing most business premises to remain closed for the better part of the day.

Most of the businesses remained closed as transport was paralyzed along the busy  Ukunda-Likoni road .

The over 1000 rowdy bodaboda riders had staged a protest over what they termed  as police harassment in the area.

Police arrested 13 suspects following the demonstration that lasted for over three hours.

According to one of the boda boda operators, it all started on Sunday when a woman sustained serious injuries after falling from a moving motorcycle, when a police officer tried to stop him.

They then  became angry and  called for a meeting to engage the traffic police officers.

He added that they converged at Kona police area on Monday and started blocking the busy road; they lit bonfires on the road before they were dispersed by the GSU officers; who had been called after the Regular police and Administration police officers were overwhelmed.

The over 200 GSU officers in three lorries had a hard time putting off the fire and removing barriers on the road.

Police help restore order back at the Likoni- Ukunda road.
Police help restore order back at the Likoni- Ukunda road.

Majority of those trapped in the protest were tourists who were either travelling to Ukunda or  the airport; as the main road was closed.

Likoni police chief Willy Simba confirmed the arrest of the 13 boda boda operators but dismissed claims of police harassment.

He said the bodaboda riders had been breaking rules as most don’t have helmets, jacket reflectors and driving licences.

“These people are very disobedient especially when it comes to traffic rules. On Tuesday the crackdown will continue and we want to tell them that we will not relent until they follow the rules,” said the police boss.

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