Religious leaders at the Coast optimistic in fight against radicalization

Mombasa Catholic Archdiocese vicar-general Father Wilybard Lagho. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Religious Leaders at the coast region are optimistic that there inter-religious peace programs will help in the fight against radicalization among youths in the area.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Friday, a board member of Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics -CICC Fr. Wilybard Lagho, said cases of terror attacks for now have drastically reduced due to their efforts, although they cannot confirm if there are no more radicalization practices on going.

Fr.Lagho said sometimes back there was misunderstanding between Christian and Muslims leaders, when there was a notion that Christian leaders thought if a suspected terrorist was a Muslim, then all Muslims are violent people.

He said after undergoing many different workshops and trainings, they came to realize it was a plot by terror groups to bring enmity between Muslims and Christians at the region in which they failed.

Fr. Lagho added they are cooperating with security officials to sensitize the community at the coast region on dangers posed by radicalization.

Poverty, family neglect, and poor translation of holy books have been mentioned as main cause as to why many youths are easily radicalized into joining terror groups.

Some of the programes undertaken are training young preachers from both Islamic and Christianity, something which Fr.Lagho says has really helped.