Lamu county threatens to fire striking health workers


Lamu, KENYA: The county government of Lamu has warned that it will fire any health worker who chooses to strike.

The health workers including laboratory technologists, nutritionists, biological engineers, councilors, physiotherapists, pharmaceutical and health record workers at the Lamu King Fahad County Hospital and the Mpeketoni Sub-County hospitals have been on a go-slow since Tuesday last week.

Last Friday,the health workers held peaceful demonstrations on Lamu Island where they marched to Governor Issa Timamy’s residence and submitted their grievances which include discrimination on allowances, employment contracts,lack of promotions, improved work environment and training.

Speaking in Lamu on Monday,county health executive Mohamed Kombo threatened to sack any worker who would strike and interrupt normal services at the health facilities.

Kombo said the county will not hesitate to replace any one who chooses to go on strike.

The health workers had sworn to strike and interrupt services in the two named facilities if the county government failed to look into their requests.

“We are not ready to sit down and watch patients suffer because of any given reason.its unacceptable. If anyone goes on strike, we are ready to find replacement. We will also not pay any such people.”stated Kombo.

Kombo however said the matter being looked into and that governor Timamy had traveled precisely for that.

“Our governor is already in Nairobi meeting governors from the various counties to discuss over the matter concerning heath workers. I am optimistic that the Council of Governors will reach consent and resolve the matter,” said Kombo.