Early marriages hindering girl child education at the Coast


Mombasa, KENYA: The girl child education at the Coast of Kenya is faced with several challenges despite various attempts to support the initiative, this is according to human rights activists.

Francis Auma, a civil rights crusader at HAKI Africa on Thursday told Baraka FM  cases of girls being married at an early age is rampant at the Coast.

Auma attributed the vice to strong cultural and traditional practices deeply rooted amongst the coastal dwellers.

“Our young girls are being married at an early age and the mostly affected counties are Tana River, Lamu, Kilifi and Kwale.” Auma said.

He added that through their women advocacy programme, they have rescued several girls by sending them back to schools and even suing parents who have been practicing the vice.

On the other hand, Amina Hemed the programmes officer at HAKI Africa, said the organization has championed the sensitization process in eradicating the vice.

She said as human rights crusaders, they have played a leading role by educating the community on consequences of early marriages.

The activist noted that the organization has taken stern action to parents who have been marrying off their daughters instead of sending them to schools.

“We have championed the sensitization process and educated the entire community on the vice.” She said.