Council of muslim scholars concerned over increase of hatespeech cases


Mombasa, KENYA: The Council of Muslim Scholars of Kenya Coast Branch, has expressed concern over the increase of hate speech cases among politicians in the country.

Addressing members of the press on Thursday, the council’s Coast representative Sheikh Abu Hamza, said as religious leaders they have fears that if the pattern portrayed by some politicians will not change, it’s a dangerous signal to the already charging electorate.

Sheikh Omar called upon the political class to rise to the reality of the precarious situation.

He blamed the leaders from all the political parties on throwing their weight on campaign and issues that he said don’t directly affect the common mwananchi.

“Several parts of Kenya at present are under acute deprivation of basic essentials for human life. It’s a wake up call to the scale of the impending disaster, and a wakeup call to an action” said Sheikh Omar.

The councils also expressed dissatisfaction with how the government and the officials of doctors union KMPDU are taking lightly the doctors strike.

They called upon both sides to solve the health crisis as soon as possible to avoid more deaths due to the striking doctors.

The Council however called upon both the opposition and the government to stop foul languages and address relevant pressing humanitarian issues.

They also urged all Kenyans to boycott all political rallies which escalate abusive and provocative languages and incitement.

The Council of Muslim Scholars of Kenya also urged the media to give a blackout to politicians who spread hate speech and incitement.