Mombasa legislators accuse Jubilee of politicizing war on drugs

Mvita Member of Parliament Abdul Swamad Nassir together with other Mombasa legislators addressing the press at parliament buildings. PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER NYAMUTA.

Nairobi, KENYA: Members of Parliament from Mombasa county have blasted Jubilee administration over what they term as politicization of war on drug barons in the country.

In a press briefing at parliamentary buildings on Tuesday, led by Mvita MP Abdul Swamad Nassir and Mombasa Women Rep Mishi Mboko, they accused the government of trying to score political scores in its fight against drug menace in the coast.

The legislators said that the Jubilee administration should undertake the fight against drugs fairly without victimization, because it has all the machinery to nab all drug barons and peddlers in the Coast region.

Nassir asked the government to take action against the drug barons and stop sideshows on the matter that is grave especially in the coast.

“Over the years we,have raised this matte to be told how many people have been arrested? How many people have been judged? How many have been prosecuted in the war against drugs? No answers have ever been forthcoming ,till today nothing happens. Someone comes up with the statements because they want nothing else except politics .” Said AbdulSwamad.

The legislators who were also present include Kisauni legislator Rashid Bezimba and his Changamwe counterpart Omar Mwinyi.

Mwinyi said that Kenya’s court system is capable of dealing with drug barons in the country.

“It is being suggested that people will be taken to America yet we know very well that Kenya has its own courts, it has a new chief justice and it has got all the capacity to do whatever it wants to do with criminals. The fact that it is suggested that it will take people to America; is suggesting to us that it has ill motives.” Changamwe MP Omar Mwingi said.

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“They are not interested in fighting drug barons but they want to settle scores with certain individuals and i think that is very wrong for the government to do that.”He added