US closely working with Kenya to arrest drug barons at the Coast, Says Ruto


Mombasa, KENYA: The Kenyan government is closely working with the US government to arrest and prosecute drug barons especially in the Coast region, Deputy President William Ruto on Monday said.

The DP also noted that the US government has given Kenyan security agencies a new leverage on how to deal with the drug menace.

Speaking after meeting  security bosses from the six counties of the Coast region in Mombasa, Ruto said that they will do their best to get rid of the illegal trade; that is being used to fund terror related activities.

“Those engaging in drugs have been given notice, there is no more room and most importantly there is no more time for the illegal trade,” said the DP .

The DP added that the government will deal with all drug dealers indiscriminately; no matter how popular or influential they are in the society.

Meanwhile, following complaints that there are officers whom have been pocketed by the drug barons,the DP said that stern measures had been taken  against such rogue officers.

“Action has been taken on officers  believed to  be colluding with drug barons.Officers in the region have been given firm and clear instructions to deal firmly with illegal drugs,” said Ruto.