74-year-old joins form one in bid to fight corruption in Kenya

74 years old Kazungu Kandege Hamudi in class at Ganze Primary School in 2016 during a past interview. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kilifi, KENYA: A 74 year old man from Kimbule village in Ganze Sub-county has joined form one at Ganze Boys Secondary School with an aim of fighting corruption in the country.

Kazungu Humadi reported at the high school on Wednesday after attaining a total of 134 marks in his KCPE exams at Ganze primary school last year.

The father of seven, said he decided to pursue education at his old age so as to know his rights, assist the government in ending corruption in the country and be a role model to other elderly people in the society.

“I am humbled that the school has accepted to admit me in form one.This is my dream school. Though I could not join it when I was a boy but today my dream has come true. I will devote myself fully so as to be a prominent person in future and help the government fight corruption in Kenya,”  said Humadi.

Humadi says he is the founder of Kimbule primary school in the outskirts of Ganze but could not dare step on it years later, due to what he terms as discrimination from the school board of management.

He says he was kicked out of the board on claims that he was fruitless due to his illiteracy.

“I founded Kimbule primary school many years back, but when it got established I was kicked out of the board of management.When I decided to join school at this age, they denied me the chance, that’s when I joined Ganze primary school and now Ganze Boys secondary school.” Said Humadi.

Humadi moreover said he joined school at his old age due to allegations that he was practicing witchcraft and actually had a near death experience, when a mob attacked him.

Villagers woke up one early morning and surrounded his homestead with machetes ready to take his life but luckily police came to his rescue.

“I was supposed to die last year in the hands of villagers who claimed that I was practicing witchcraft,” said Humadi in the midst of tears.

“They (villagers) came to my home early that morning armed with machetes and other sorts of weapons aiming at killing me on those false allegations. I just prayed to God to protect me and later I decided to go to school.” He added.

The old man says he has so far inspired other old men and women to join schools to better their lives.

He said in the current world, education is everything and without it one could be accused of many false issues.

“I am happy that my friends are following suite, I have inspired not less than six elderly people to join school and they have done so.” Said Humadi.

Ganze Ward representative Japhet Nzaro said it’s rare to get such an incident and promised to support the family with education bursary, Humadi and his sons included.

“Humadi is a student like any other and has the right to access  bursary and scholarship. That’s what I will do to enhance his education and his sons’” said Nzaro.