Jubilee has not grabbed any land from the Coast people, Says Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking in Kwale after handing national IDs to the Makonde people. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Kwale, KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta has refuted claims from the opposition that Jubilee administration’s main aim is to grab public lands.

Speaking in Mswambweni-Kwale County on Wednesday, the head of state said those are mere propaganda  aimed at tainting the government’s image and that their only aim is to serve Kenyans.

President Kenyatta added that under his administration, many Kenyans have been able to acquire land title deeds, something that the past regime did not manage to offer Kenyans.

“If myself and Mvurya were to grab lands we could have done that by now, no one is interested with somebody’s piece of land, every Kenyan has a right to live anywhere in the country, own land where he is, if you sell your land, the government cannot interfere with that,” he said.

In the past days, opposition leaders from the coast have been questioning the legality of the title deeds the government has been issuing to the public; arguing that they were fake documents.

Meanwhile, President Kenyatta made it clear that there is no way the coast region will be separated from Kenya.

He said the government will continue protecting the country plus its boarders from people intending to breach peace and security.

“If you think you have weapons, the government has more than 1 million weapons than you have, and we will search until we find where you are, and you will be in problem”, He said President Kenyatta.

In December last year, a gang armed with machetes and poisoned arrows raided Kombani AP camp in Kwale county and injured three police officers.

During the incident, police managed to kill one of the eight attackers and prevented them from forcing their way into the camp.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also urged youth to find solution through talks whenever there is a problem and if they are afraid of being arrested they can use their area MCAs.

The president’s visit comes  days after Cord’s leader Raila Odinga toured the region in a bid to sensitize citizens to register as voters before the coming general election scheduled for 8th august.