Parents withdraw pupils from Likoni school following robbery incident


Mombasa,KENYA:Tension remains high at st Johns primary school in likoni Mombasa as parents remove their children from school following Tuesday’s theft where a gang broke the school and made away with property worth thousands of shillings.

Police are holding one suspect so far who is helping with investigations, area police boss Anthony Shimoli confirmed to Baraka FM.

A gang of 20 armed men is alleged to have broken into the school at around 10pm on Tuesday before proceeding to computer laboratory and stole 8 computers and some electrical.

According to the school chairman Ali Mohammed, the suspects overpowered two guard’s who were on duty before they broke the laboratory.

He said the school has been in the center of wrangles for the last ten years and the matter has been in court.

Likoni deputy police boss Anthony shimoli said they are investigating the matter.

He urged the parents not to remove their children from school saying police officers have been deployed to patrol the area around the school.
“We have one suspect in custody that is helping us with investigations. We believe we will fought up with others” said police boss