Lamu parents urge govt to introduce school feeding programme in drought-stricken areas


Lamu, KENYA: Student attendance in five schools that were recently reopened after five years of closure owing to insecurity in Basuba ward in Lamu county is now facing a new challenge due to the ongoing drought.

The five schools Basuba,Mangai,Mararani,Milimani and Kiangwe primary schools had been forced to shut down since June 2014 following constant attacks and raids by Alshabaab militants in the area.

Despite assurances that the government had improved security and the recent posting of 10 new teachers, attendance is still at its lowest owing to the drought situation.

Students are reported to accompany their parents to trek long distances in search of food and water and as such have no time to attend school.

Basuba parents are now calling on the national and county governments to introduce school feeding programs in order to attract students back to schools.

“We have nothing for our children to eat before they go to school and they obviously cant do it on an empty stomach. They have to follow us when we go looking for food and water and as it is now,they don’t have time for school unless the government does something in their favor,like introducing school feeding programmes,”said Mohamed Sharuti.