Likoni Ferry is safe in spite of travel advisories, says county commissioner


Mombasa, KENYA: The Government has assured its citizens of their safety at the Likoni Ferry Services, amid claims that the channel is one of the in-secured places in the country.

In presser on Wednesday, Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki said the Government has improved security details at the Ferry, reiterating that there is no need for the public to panic.

Achoki disclosed that surveillance cameras have been installed at the channel to monitor and help the officers in patrol to act swiftly, should there be any questionable or unusual activity.

‘’There are CCTV cameras manned 24/7 by police officers, there are also machines installed for screening of vehicles, baggage and people passing through the channel,’’ he said.

He further added that the Government has increased the number of police officers who are manning the channel equipped with necessary machinery, including sniff dogs.

‘’ We conduct random checks at the Ferry, we have a multi-agency fully fledged police station with an OCS and a deputy OCS at the Ferry,’’  added Achoki.

‘’The Likoni Ferry is a priority number one for the Mombasa County security team committee,’’ he asserted.

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This comes after the US Government last week listed Likoni-Ferry channel and Mombasa Old Town among other areas in the Coast region, as places its citizens should take caution when visiting; citing security concerns.