Mungatana should be arrested for Kilifi corruption scandal! says Kingi

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi. FILE/PHOTO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi county governor Amason Jefwa Kingi is calling for the arrest of former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana after he was mentioned in the IFMIS scandal where KILIFI county lost 51 million.

Addressing journalist in his office on Friday, Kingi said that he was astonished to learn this morning from the sworn affidavit from one of the four prosecuted companies director, that Mungatana was the mastermind of the scandal where several counties lost millions of money through IFMIS.

According to Mrs. Lucy Wanjugu Kibogo a close friend of the accused, Mungatana approached him in June last year asking for assistance to use her company since all his accounts had been grounded due to enormous debt.

An affidavit further elaborates how Mrs. Wanjugu received sh.5.3 million in her account on 4th October 2016 and further withdrew the money and took it to Mungatana as he had allegedly directed.

One of the statements recorded from the phone conversation between the two indicates Mrs. Wanjugu informing him about the scandal but he affirmed to her that

mimi Niko hapa na deputy President lakini mambo ni Yale Yale”.  loosely translated as “I am here with the Deputy President but things are still the same way they are”

Following this revelation, Kingi is condemning the way in which Jubilee government is conducting selective justice and is now calling for his arrest.

“We are not pleased with way Jubilee government is carrying out selective justice end delaying to arrest Mungatana on this matter.Government had this information since December yet no attempts to arrest him has been made.” Said Kingi