Drama as police raid building in Nyali in search of firearms

Krish plaza building in Nyali where police conducted a raid on Friday. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Flying squad police officers were on Friday seen raiding Krish plaza situated at Nyali area in Mombasa; in what was believed to be a crackdown of illegal firearms.

Witnesses say several cars belonging to undercover police were seen entering the building’s compound and some of the workers at the building told reporters the officers previously had taken over the first and second floor; before they were told the firearms store is at the underground floor.

Mombasa Inspectorate Director Nahid Musa who is the owner of the gun store termed the raid as a normal operation that had been ongoing ever since he joined the business 30 years ago.

“Inspection is done after every 3 months and the officer’s were taking records of the firearms.They were checking what kind of firearms were being sold at the store.” Said Musa.

He added that every gun coming to Kenya is checked by the firearm bureau and that inspection normally takes 6 hours.

The raid comes barely a day after Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa said an exercise to disarm all illegal gun owners was underway; citing Nyali as a one of the notorious areas.

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