Joho’s security should be returned but with conditions! Says Senator Omar

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar addressing journalists at his offices in Mombasa. FILE/PHOTO.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa County Senator Hassan Omar has called for the reinstatement of the security of Governors Amason Kingi and Hassan Joho as per the guidelines issued by office of the Inspector General.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, Omar said the county needs to steer off sideshows such as guns and security concerning VIPs when there are more important issues to be discussed.

“This is a diversionary attempt to steer the focus away from the conversation of two non-performing entities that is the national government and the county government.” Said Omar.

Omar said the guidelines of the IG  entitles all governors and senators to one escort officer and four officers to guard their residence; and the governors should get nothing more than that.

“Why should one have 15 armed officers? This is a whole police post! Any allocation in excess of this position must have a reasonable justification.” Added Omar.

On Saturday MPs allied to Kilifi Governor Kingi and his Mombasa counterpart Hassan Joho, said they would hold the government responsible if anything happens to the two,  now that their security has been withdrawn.

Statehouse spokesperson Manoah Esipisu however denied hand in Joho’s and Kingi’s security withdrawal, dismissing the complaints by the two governors as “juvenile tantrums”.

Esipisu added that It was an exercise where the regional commanders are re-organising themselves, adding that it has no political motives.

Omar also said that he will be demanding an audit of the number of firearms licensed to private citizens as many have been abusing the privileges.

“There are so many people in the county who go around bragging with guns in their pockets; there must be decorum and order in the conduct of the forthcoming election in the county and Kenya as well.” Concluded Omar.