Ezekiel Mutua is at it again! Find out what he has in store for beer companies in 2017!

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua .

Nairobi, KENYA: The year is still young and it seems like Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has decided to begin it with a bang for beer companies in Kenya.

In a press release dated 4th January signed by him, Ezekiel has called out a few beer companies for violating the law by advertising their products during the watershed period.( 5am to 10 pm)

” Following public complains submitted to the Kenya Film Classification Board regarding the broadcast of alcohol advertisements during the watershed period (5 am to 10pm), the board has written to the companies responsible, drawing their attention to the fact that they are in breach of the law. These companies include:  East Africa Breweries Limited, Keroche Breweries Limited and Africa Spirits Limited,” Read part of the release.

He further adds that the advertisements were produced without a film license.

” ..the advertisements were produced without a filming license contrary to Part II(4) of the Film and Stage Plays Act cap 222, and that they have been airing during the watershed period, especially during the holidays, when children were at home and were at a higher risk of being exposed to unsuitable content.” continued the release.

In light of this, Mutua has given the three companies an ultimatum of 7 days to comply with the law or face prosecution.

“..the board has issued the companies with an ultimatum of seven (7) days within which they have to comply with established content distribution laws. Failure to conform to the law, KFCB will have no other recourse than to prosecute all violators in line with the laws of Kenya.” Concluded  the release.

The news has elicited sharp reactions on social media; with various people having mixed reactions.

“#KFCBActsOnBeerAds There should be no advert to any alcoholic beverage coz they add no value to humanity. They break families ” posted one Joash Mainye Uhuru

“#KFCBActsOnBeerAds We can’t corrupt the moral values of our children in the name of profits,” posted one Mercy Alego.

Others had a  different opinion.

“It’s irresponsible & lazy to purport TV Ads ruins childrens/youths, parents MUST take charge of their responsibilities.#KFCBActsOnBeerAds,” Posted Arap Sololo.