Tanzanian rapper Shetta in pursuit of Kenyan wife

Tanzanian rapper Shetta in pursuit of Kenyan wife

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Tanzanian Rapper Shetta aka baba kayla.

Tanzanian rapper Shetta, born Nurdin Bilal Ali, is in Kenya promoting his latest released single with Otile Brown, Tamu Sana. It is a song he says was inspired by love, adding that he’s tired of loneliness.

Shetta, 26, is seriously looking for a Kenyan spouse.

Speaking to local online outlet, Mpasho , shetta said that he wants a beautiful girl from Kenya.

Hata niko Kenya natafuta bibi wa Kikenya sasa hivi. I want a beautiful girl. I love girls a lot. Sasa hivi natafuta mtu nitulie naye, coz I used to go around and mess. Nataka mwanamke Kenya, that’s it.”

He added:”But niko na girlfriend pia Tanzania. I’m a Muslim, nataka nikija Kenya niwe pia na bibi. Mimi ni mwanaume.”

So for those ladies asking what kind of a woman is he looking for? Shetta is very specific,”I love classy ladies, sipendi wanawake fake. Most women love money, I can handle all that coz I have the money. Nahitaji mwanamke yule ambaye hawezikuenda nje, awe mwanamke anaweza kuchill.

“I’ve gotten a lot of DMs from Kenyan ladies. I’m not the kind of man that messes around. I can marry five to six women. Nataka msichana ambaye ametulia.”

However, baba Kaylla, as many would call him, is is a proud father;

“I’m very proud of my daughter. She’s famous in East Africa, a lot of people like her. I’m very proud to be her father. I dreamt to be a father. I got Kaylla when I was 21 years. She’s very beautiful and I’m happy.”

Shetta has been in stardom for eight years now, and is set to release a couple of international collaborations this year.