700 benefit from free cancer screening services in Mombasa

700 benefit from free cancer screening services in Mombasa

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Mombasa,KENYA:Approximately 700 residents in Mombasa county have benefited from a free cancer screening that was organized by The Breast Cancer Awareness Support Group of The Aga Khan hospital.

The two day medical camp kicked off on Friday at 17th.

Amida Abubakar a member of the support group and a cancer survivor told Baraka fm that event takes place every year but was delayed this year due to unavoidable circumstances.

Mrs. Abubakar urged all to go for screen saying that breast cancer is not a threat to women alone but also to men.

“We have come across men who have been diagnosed with this deadly disease so am calling upon both men to go for screening” said Mrs. Abubakar.

She told Baraka fm that they have also received two men so far since with one of them being advised to go for further check up.

“There was an elderly man who came for check up yesterday though we have advised him to go for further check up because we were not sure whether it’s breast cancer” she said.

Mrs. Abubaka who is a cancer survivor for fourteen years asked young women and mothers to plead with their daughters who are of adolescent stage to go for the screening.

” Mothers who with daughters at home please talk to them to go for check up as early as possible” she pleaded.

Sharon Mwakio a cancer survivor who is still under medication and whose right breast was amputated, advised those who have been diagnosed with the disease to accept their situation while seeking medication.

“If you are suffering from this disease just accept yourself and please seek for medication and those who haven’t gone for check up just do it before its too late” she said.

Emmah Rodgers Mkutano who came for screening told Baraka that she was motivated to go for check up after loosing her sister who died of breast cancer five years ago.

“After loosing my sister five years ago as a result of breast cancer, I haven’t cease to go for screening whenever there is opportunity and I call upon other women to do so because this disease is deadly and its medication is very expensive” she said.

Statistics indicate that 34 out of 100,000 women in Kenya are suffering from breast cancer.