Mombasa residents to benefit from subsidized Ethanol cookers

Mombasa residents to benefit from subsidized Ethanol cookers

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Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa  residents are set to benefit from the Safi ethanol cookers launched by Samsung Company in the county on Tuesday.

The project is meant to promote clean renewable energy and to reduce the demand for charcoal country wide.

The electronics manufacture has roll out 12,000 ethanol stoves which will be sold to households across Mombasa County.

The eco-friendly stoves will be sold at sh 1,995  down from sh. 4,000 per stove.

“Creating a stronger,healthier planet for future generation has always been an important focus for Samsung ,through this project we hope to make a significant impact not only on the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions produced ,but also the concerning rate of deforestation,” said Patricia King’ori  the head of corporate marketing at Samsung electronic East Africa.

Ms King’ori said carbon emission is a crisis affecting the whole of Africa with the green Africa foundation revealing that the rate of annual deforestation in Africa exceeds the global annual average of 0.8 percent.

The Ethanol stove project aims at reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Kenya by 500,000 tonnes over the next five to seven years.