Section of coast elders tell off Joho, Kingi over secession remarks

Section of coast elders tell off Joho, Kingi over secession remarks

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Vice Chairman of the council of elders of Kauma John Munga together with other elders address the press. PHOTO: BECKY CHAO

Mombasa, KENYA: A section of Coast elders on Monday told off Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho over his secessionist remarks.

Led by Emanuel Kadenge from Kilifi, they said Joho and other leaders propagating a breakaway have lost direction and are planting divisions among locals.

According to them, there are very many important issues e.g land that leaders need to speak up about instead of pushing the region to secede.

“Coast people have suffered a lot when it comes to issues of land and if they really want to help us, let them solve the problem of absentee landlords,” said Kadenge.

He also supported the national government saying devolution is working.

‘Why should we be bothered yet we have a devolve governments and each county has its own share that it receives from the national government?” He asked.

George Fondo who unsuccessfully vied for an MCA seat in Ganze Kilifi county claimed governors Joho and Kingi are not serious with secessionist ideas but are rather seeking attention.

According to Fondo, Joho and Kingi only want to remain relevant during their last reign in politics.

He also questioned why the two never supported calls by Coast secessionist leader Omar Mwamnuadzi when he raised issues of self-rule.

“Let them be accountable for the management and administration in their governments because the issue they are trying to raise started long ago and they didn’t support it” he claimed.

On his part, vice chairman of the council of elders of Kauma John Munga, warned the governors not to misuse the power that was bestowed upon them by the people.

“Let us not kill the future of our children because of someone’s selfish gain,” he said.

This comes two days after the members of Mombasa Republican Coalition (MRC) distanced itself from the secession plan challenging them to use the right channel.

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