Most wanted drug baron among 12 suspects arrested in Mombasa

Most wanted drug baron among 12 suspects arrested in Mombasa

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The suspected drug barons who were arrested in Mombasa on March 30, 2017. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Mombasa are holding 12 key suspected drug barons arrested during a major security operation conducted on Friday.

The suspects were arrested in Mombasa and parts of Kwale county in a joint operation carried out Friday morning, led by anti-narcotics police from Mombasa and others flown from Nairobi.

The foreigners are three Italians and a Mauritian.

Police also seized sh. 10 million worth of drugs suspected to be heroine from the suspects, two firearms, 25 rounds of ammunition, 2 vehicles, 11200 euros, 4500 US dollars, sh.952,935 in cash, 36,100 fake dollars and sh. 516,000 fake money.

The suspects were held at Regional police headquarters before they were paraded at 3:20pm, Friday.

Two women were among the suspects nabbed and a notorious drug baron commonly known as Bosire Nyaigoti Makori who operates from Kwale and neighbouring Tanzanian was also arrested.

Coast Regional police commander Philip Thuimur said the suspect, Bosire, recently escaped while in a police vehicle, as he was being ferried to court to face charges.

He said Bosire is the main supplier of heroin and he was found in possession of two pistols. He was arrested with his brother Mwaniki Nyaigoti Makori.

Others are Ruwa Mwarua whom police accused of distributing drugs in the North coast, Maimuna Juma alias Muna Ali, who operates  rental houses in Kwale county; which she uses to store drugs for distribution.

Another suspect in police custody is Fredrick Oriema Kumbo alias Kipara.

According to the police boss, he operates in the North Coast region and neighboring Tanzania, ferrying  drugs through porous roads of Lungalunga area.

Thuimur said a Tanzanian national also identified as Masuo Bakari Tajiri who was picked up at his home in Mwembe tayari area, previously served a jail term of 20 years in Kenya for robbery charges.

He was released in 2015 through presidential pardon.

“Also we have Hawa Abdallah who has an ongoing court case. She has since diversified criminal portfolio and she is a proprietor of salon in Mombasa,” said the police boss.

He said the suspect has been carrying out businesses and  she recently  got a tender at the port of Mombasa, where she supplied 20 guards, who police believe were being used to enable entry of the drugs at the port.

Interpol  radar

Police boss said the three Italian nationals have been on Interpol radar and they are being sought in their country for criminal activities.

The three are Leone Alberto,Mario Mele and Stefano Poli.

He said the process of deporting the nationals was already underway, to enable them face charges in their country.

According to the police, the Mauritian was identified as Roger Alberto Fulvio, who was picked at his home in Likoni and has been masquerading  as a musician.