Mutua: Immorality is high in Kilifi County

Mutua: Immorality is high in Kilifi County

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Kilifi,KENYA:Kenya Film Classification and Licensing Board (KFCLB) has blamed some foreign tourists and non-governmental organizations of making pornographic materials and funding homosexuality in Kilifi county.

The board’s CEO Ezekiel Mutua, said the trend has contributed to negative creativity and counter development of the youth and children in the county.

Mutua also laid blame on private villas and resorts for the immorality.

“Some villas and resorts are immoral stench places and with disco matanga commonly known as ‘Siniriche’ still in existence among the Coastal Community, immoral values have boomed in the area,” he said.

He also called on the local administration to ban night discos –Siniriche.

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The film board has rolled out an awareness program in a bid to preserve culture and national values in Kilifi County. The programme aims to teach youths on moral values.

Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter assured the board that they will work closely with the KFCLB in Mtwapa, Malindi and Watamu to root out the vice.

In 2013, a foreigner and 11 Kenyan girls were charged in a Mombasa court for allegedly engaging in bestiality activities in a private villa in Nyali.