Kenyans urged to reflect on God’s mercies in 2016

Kenyans urged to reflect on God’s mercies in 2016

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Mombasa,KENYA:Kenyans have been urged to avoid things that will jeopardize their religious faith during this festive season.

Father Wilfred Lago of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Tudor says Kenyans should find time to meditate on the Lord’s grace and to reflect on what they have accomplished this year, before ushering in the New Year.

“Kenyans should be careful this festive season so as not to prioritize enjoyment during this festive season and forget God’s word thus forgetting the meaning of the Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ, but instead to meditate on the word of God and also to impact our families with the teaching of Christ so as they should not”. He said

On New Year, Fr. Lago said that it is a special day that celebrated worldwide with the aim of enabling people to reflect on what they have accomplished the previous year before ushering in another year.

“In ancient Rome, January was god of beginnings and transition; he was a two-faced god since he looked to the future and the past. This gives us a chance to reflect on what good thing we should hold on from the previous year so as to cross with it in the New Year and what wrong things we should leave out and start a new life in January.” Said Fr.Lago.

He also urged Kenyans to cast their votes wisely in the 2017 general election.