Mombasa County faces shortage of nutritionists

Mombasa County faces shortage of nutritionists

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Mombasa,KENYA: Mombasa County is facing a shortage of nutritionists in its health facilities.

Mrs. Esha Bakari, head of nutrition in Mombasa County, says they currently have 14 nutritionists only instead of the required 78.

She says the shortage has forced the County government to start training Doctor, nurses and community health workers to ease the burden.

“We have already started training Doctors, Nurses and community health workers on nutrition so as to help and pass the same information to patients visiting health facilities, if the facility does not have any nutritionist.” She said.

She added that the county is also embracing services from trained nutrition youths as volunteer workers.

“Instead of letting them to idle around, we also train them further on nutrition matters so as they could help us in providing services to the public.” She added.

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Nutrition situation in Mombasa County as per the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2014 indicated that 21 percent of children are facing stunted growth.

Also 9.6 percent of children are under weight and 68 per cent of mothers practice exclusive breastfeeding in the County.