Business booming in Kongowea as festivity nears

Business booming in Kongowea as festivity nears

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Mombasa,KENYA: Businessmen at Kongowea market in Mombasa have every reason to smile following the increase of buyers who are busy shopping for Christmas and new year festivity.

Mr. Simon Mutemi, a second hand clothes businessman dealing in denim trousers and jackets, said business is booming, despite the prices of bails increasing from sh 1,200 to 1,500.

He says normal price of a bail of second hand clothes commonly know as mitumba ranges from sh 6,000 to sh 45,000 depending on the type of goods inside the bail. However, he says more clients are flocking into the market.

“Prices of goods have drastically increased during this festive season. For example, we were selling a denim trouser at sh 400 , but now we are selling them at sh 800. The price will reduce in January immediately after new year celebrations.” He said.

He also urged the importers of mitumba cargo to reduce the prices so as to increase demand.

“For example, some of the bail of trouser we were buying at sh 11,000 now it’s being sold at sh 12,500″,he added.

The price of  bail of children’s clothes has also gone up, according to the businessman stressing on the need to reduce prices so as to make profit this festive season.

“It was initially sold at sh. 18,000, now at the mitumba warehouses, they are selling at sh 19,500. If they reduce the prices to normal rates definitely we will be able to sell more goods to our customers”. He finally said.

Prices of food commodity has also increased at the market.