Jubilee MPs pass controversial election law as CORD heads to court

Jubilee MPs pass controversial election law as CORD heads to court

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Nairobi,KENYA:The National Assembly has passed all proposed amendments to the elections Act that allows manual voting and transmission of elections results in case electronic systems fails to function.

The contentious amendment passed amid strong protest from opposition Mps.

However, CORD MPs decried the move terming it ‘illegal jubilee schemes to steal the 2017 election’.

“Why rush to change laws even before a duration of six months that is required by law elapses?” posed Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo.

According to Midiwo, the Jubilee party is fond of forcing issues on Kenyans.

“It’s this jubilee government that tried to force contentious security amendments on Kenyans. However, the courts stopped them. We shall not allow this to continue in this Country.

The opposition Mps later marched on to Milimani courts to stop the implementation of the laws.

However, back in parliament, Jubilee legislators walked out of the House chanting victory songs after passing proposed amendments.

Ugly scenes characterized the special sitting as legislators engaged in shouting matches and near fistfights.

Homabay county Women representative Ms. Gladys Wanga, claimed that Tigania East Mp Mpuri Aburi spit on her.

“Mpuri Aburi should fight his fellow men..He punched me on the chest. But i will not be intimidated”, said Wanga.