Man attempts suicide on power lines in Mombasa

Man attempts suicide on power lines in Mombasa

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Mombasa,KENYA:An unidentified man caused a scene along Kibarani highway in Mombasa on Tuesday after climbing on a steel utility pole to attempt suicide.

It was not immediately established why he wanted to end his life.

The man, who was half-naked, was spotted up on top of the steel pole as he was preparing to jump to his death.

It was also feared he wanted to climb higher to be electrocuted by the power lines.

The incident caused a heavy snarl up along the busy Kibarani as drivers slowed down to catch a glimpse of the incident.

Some eyewitnesses claimed the suspect is mentally disturbed.

“Huyu mtu ni chizi ndio maana amepanda pale juu” (loosely translated to mean- this man is mentally unfit, that is why he climbed on this pole) said one by stander.

However, to some, he was “frustrated with life” and wanted to end it.

It took efforts by the Mombasa County fire brigade to rescue the suicidal man.

Mombasa County Disaster Management committee told Baraka FM the suspect was arrested and is being held at Changamwe police station.

This is the third incident in Mombasa County in a span of two weeks, of people trying to end their lives.