Why Tech Giant Google wants Kenyans to spend more time online

Why Tech Giant Google wants Kenyans to spend more time online

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Nairobi, KENYA: A surf a day could ward off some boredom as many go to the web to interact with friends on various platforms.

However, after a chat with Google’s Country Manager here in Kenya, Charles Murito, it was revealed that there could be more digital dividends that can be derived from being online.

“According to research, by 2020 Africa will be able to derive $300bn in IGDP per year, which is the contribution to the Gross Domestic Product from the internet. Productivity of a similar amount will be realized. The internet is a powerful revenue contributor and people can take advantage of that ,” Mr. Murito explained.

Mr. Murito expressed optimism in the growing of e-commerce revenues by 2020.

“We anticipate that we are going to be driving over $75bn annually in Africa alone. Every single business is a digital business. Entrepreneurs should think of how they can open shop online so that they can reap the benefits. Business people will be able to expand their markets and have a much stronger business,” he told Baraka FM.

He added that mobile penetration in Kenya will greatly help to achieve digital dividends.

“Growth of smartphones has continued at over 40 per cent year on year. We want to ensure that those people coming for online search see the value of being on the internet. The digital ecosystem is helping people get connected,” he reiterated.

The World Bank’s report World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends stated that in many instances digital technologies have boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery.