Lamu Jubilee party officials want senator Chiaba kicked out as Coast co-ordinator

Lamu Jubilee party officials want senator Chiaba kicked out as Coast co-ordinator

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Lamu Senator Abu Chiaba. PHOTO/FILE .

Lamu, KENYA: Interim Jubilee party officials elected in Lamu want senator Abu Chiaba kicked out as Jubilee coordinator at the Coast and in Lamu County.

The elections of the interim party officials went on despite few interruptions after claims that some of the officials had brought in fake members to be registered.

As such an initial list of the interim committee members that had initially been presented was rejected.

However, despite the few hitches,the elections went on smoothly and at the end of it all,19 Interim Committee members were elected.

The committee has now issued a 24 hour ultimatum for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy to drop Lamu senator Abu Chiaba as Jubilee point man at the coast and in Lamu County, saying his track record has proved that he is incapable to effectively run party matters in the region.

Speaking shortly after the elections at the Mwana Arafa Hotel conference hall,the committee’s interim chairperson Abdulrehman Hilal said as party members,they no longer had faith in Chiaba and accused him of openly sleeping on the job and slugging in expediting his mandate and duties.

Chiaba is accused of also lacking the spark required to attract more members to the Jubilee party especially in Lamu County.

Hilal said the senator’s old and outdated political gimmicks are no longer working in favor of the Jubilee party and said as members, they feel there is an urgent need for Chiaba to be replaced with an individual with a deeper understanding of the party’s manifesto and objectives ahead of 2017.

Chiaba is accused of failing to win masses for the TNA party in Lamu in 2013 and such most of the votes went to the opposition.

The committee members said they would not want a repeat of what happened in 2013 and that it can only be achieved if Chiaba is dropped as JP coordinator.

“We want someone with a huge convincing power who can ensure we don’t lose any votes.we are therefore giving president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy 24 hours to drop Chiaba,” said Hilal.

The committee said the resolve to drop Chiaba was a collective decision by all Jubilee party affiliates in Lamu.