Reduce the number of police roadblocks on Msa/Lamu road, says Timamy

Reduce the number of police roadblocks on Msa/Lamu road, says Timamy

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Police inspect buses along Mombasa-Lamu road. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor Issa Timamy wants the number of roadblocks on the main Lamu/Mombasa road reduced this festive season.

Over five roadblocks have been erected by police on the road where travelers have to alight and get their luggage checked in a move aimed at containing security on the road and in the county.

Speaking at the Mkunguni Square on Tuesday,Timamy urged the government to consider reducing the roadblocks to at least one; so as to reduce time wasted by travelers on the road.

He lauded efforts of the national government to ensure security, calm and peace in the region and also for the Linda Boni security operation which he said was the major contributor to the current security and calm being experienced in Lamu.

Timamy said travelers arrive late at their destinations due to the many checks they have to go through on the way; owing to the presence of too many roadblocks which he termed unnecessary at the moment.

“Let them reduce them to one main roadblock which shall conduct thorough frisking of passengers coming and going out of Lamu so that we can save time,” said Timamy.

The police checks have been situated at Ndeu,Kibaoni,Witu,Gamba and Minjila and passengers have to alight with their luggage at each one to get checked by police.

Due to the numerous checks,a journey that would have otherwise taken less than 6 hours for those coming to Lamu from Mombasa now takes almost a whole day.

Passengers have been complaining about too much time spent on the road due to the police checks.