Kenya loves football more than Trump, says Google Report

Kenya loves football more than Trump, says Google Report

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Nairobi, KENYA: US president elect Donald Trump’s unpopular streak in Kenya continues to be consistent as the Google end year 2016 report, revealed that Kenyans were more interested in football as compared to the president elect.

According to the tech giant’s annual Year In Search 2016, Kenyans’ perpetual love for football was manifested by ‘Euro 2016’ being top of their search queries.

“People have wanted to be in the know and that is evident in our trends. In our searches Trump was one of the leading searched queries but he did not beat football,” remarked Dorothy Ooko Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager on Wednesday.

The U.S presidential election that was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 caught the world’s attention, and Kenya was no exception as people thronged online to learn more about the Trump, who is this year’s second-most trending search query.

Coming third was the Olympic Games Rio 2016, another show that Kenyans are in it for the sports and sportsmanship.

Rounding up the top 5 for the overall trending topics in the country were the deaths of Jacob Juma after he was found dead in his car on 5th May, 2016 and boxer Muhammad Ali after he died on June 3rd, 2016.

“Interestingly Kenyans searched for information on dead people. They were interested to know details on the demise of former First Lady Lucy Kibaki and Achieng’ Abura after the afro-jazz maestro died on October 20, 2016,” noted Ms. Ooko.

“Kenyans love personalities and want to know who’s made it. They hit the search button in 2016 for prominent people and the likes of Koffi Olomide made it to the list for the wrong reasons,” she added.

Another Google query that touched on famous people was Hillary Clinton the First American woman Presidential candidate.

Project X, a party that was intended to take place at an undisclosed location was widely searched as well.

“We also had over 300 million monthly You Tube video views up from 157 million views last year. This actually happens on mobile and tablets. Growth of smart phones has continued at 40 per cent year on year, which is a powerful statement to make. What we wanted to do with this information is to use it to ensure new online users continue to actively search and see the value of being on the internet,” concluded Charles Murito the Country Manager for Google, Kenya.